**This is a sponsored post for Seebo MAXX and Digital Parents Collective** Did you ever hear the joke about having too many children? You know, the one that goes: “Five children?! Don’t you have a TV?!” Yeah, that one. Unsurprisingly, I’ve heard it a few times. Okay, more than a few. In fact, our friends [...]

Thank Full.


According to Google Maps, the drive from our place to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead should take about 24 minutes. Door-to-door, it’s more like 40. I’ve made that drive hundreds of times in the past four years, and for some reason, it’s on this drive that I always seem to find myself pondering the meaning [...]

Changing Rooms


Ever since Rosalia was born, Chiara has been sharing a room with the gremlins. It wasn’t an ideal solution, but we needed to shuffle things around to make room for Rosie, and putting the three middle girls in together made the most sense. We bought two sets of bunks so they each had their own [...]

So I got a job…


So I got a job. I wasn’t actually looking for one. I’ve been bringing in a little extra money here and there with some freelance writing, and Willie’s reasonably-healthy tax return has helped tide us over and keep us in expensive medicine for a couple of months (as well as finally funding a replacement oven), [...]

When Mummy calls ‘Time Out’


You know how you have those days when you feel like you’re winning at parenting and life is just awesome? I had one of those today. The sun was shining, the sibling squabbles were at a minimum, the toddler had a nice long sleep and woke up in a gloriously happy mood, I even walked [...]

A Day at the Museum


A couple of weeks ago, I went on my first ever school excursion. I know, I know, pretty slack of me seeing as Maya is into her seventh year at school, but in my defence, getting picked for those things is like winning the lottery! And technically I didn’t get picked this time round – it [...]

The Kidney Saga


Mercedes has been in and out of hospital since she was three weeks old. So it’s hard to believe that before they were born, it was Sienna that had us all worried. These excerpts from the scrapbook I made for her some years later document the story of her ‘little kidney problem’… “When Mummy was [...]

The Day We Got Hitched…


There’s a party going on at the homestead tonight. My sister-in-law is celebrating a big birthday milestone and the whanau have all gathered together for an epic celebration. Three years ago this very weekend, the whanau were again gathered but this time for a celebration of a very different kind – to see the couple they thought would [...]

Best Laid Plans

{as you can see, she wasn't exactly traumatised by the whole experience!}

Today was supposed to be a simple day – drop the girls at school, head off to the GP, do a bit of grocery shopping, spend some time in Chiara’s classroom helping with an art projects, then head home to make lasagne for dinner. Best laid plans and all that. By midday I was wishing I [...]