My beautiful family


A few weeks back, one of my fave Aussie bloggers, the lovely Kylie at Kylie Purtell – A Study in Contradictions, put a call out for volunteers to help her build her photography portfolio. It’s been ages since we had any family photos taken, and while I take hundreds of pics of the girls, there [...]

Fear of Flying


“I can’t stand to fly I’m not that naïve Men weren’t meant to ride With clouds between their knees” – Five for Fighting ‘Superman’ I hate flying. Have done for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t matter how many times I look at the stats that say I’m more likely to die in [...]

Melbourne, baby!


At stupid o’clock on Friday morning, Maya Grace and I jumped on a plane and headed for Melbourne where she was to compete in the National Future Problem Solving Championships. Actually, jumped makes it sound like we were all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. More like, we hauled our backsides out of bed at 5.30am and dragged [...]

The baby she was told to forget


**Trigger warning: This post discusses pregnancy and infant loss** 62 years ago in a hospital in London, my grandmother gave birth to a baby girl. Born three months early, she lived only a few hours. They named her Brenda. My grandmother never saw her face. The midwives said it was better that way. 62 years on, [...]

A very loud afternoon tea


It was supposed to be  a leisurely afternoon tea in the park, a celebration of the gremlins’ eighth birthday and a fundraiser for Loud Shirt Day. Turns out, the weather had other ideas. With the forecast predicting an afternoon of thunderstorms, torrential rain and 110km/hr winds, at about 2pm I made the executive decision to relocate [...]



Today marks the end of International Babywearing Week, a global celebration of the timeless tradition of holding our babies close in wraps, slings and carriers. For me, babywearing has been more than just a tool for settling a grizzly baby or juggling two toddlers and a newborn – it’s been a way to connect with other mamas on [...]

Giving A Little Back


Finding out Mercedes was hearing impaired was devastating. Unsurprising, but devastating nonetheless. Amongst the millions of moments that make up a lifetime, that particular moment is one of the few that stick out above the rest – one of those moments where you remember every single little detail with incredible clarity. I remember the colour of the [...]

Meal planning, being super-organised – and taking a night off…


**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with EatNow** When I was working full-time and juggling four kids, we ate a lot of takeaways. Not necessarily burgers and fries – more often than not it would be a chook and some salads from the local chicken shop – but certainly not as healthy as home-cooked meals [...]