Some Days Are Stones


There are some things you don’t want to hear as the parent of an immunodeficient child. Like that the ENT consultant, the guy with the most tricky ears experience in the whole hospital, really doesn’t have any idea why her ears aren’t responding to the aggressive treatment. And that he really doesn’t know what to do […]

A Moment in Time


Last Friday, as we ran frantically around trying to get organised for Maya’s graduation dinner,  a little boy we know lost his battle with leukaemia. On Sunday night, the girls and I went into the city to see the Christmas lights and we spent some time gazing at the big Christmas tree in Martin Place. […]

Let them eat FroYo…


A couple of weeks ago, Chiara had to have a sleep study. In the lead up to it, she was understandably nervous, and as I snuggled with her the night before she was due to go into hospital, I promised her that the morning after the sleep study, I’d take her on a date to […]



“I think we’re winning,” the ENT doctor said this afternoon. And those were exactly the words I needed to hear. On Thursday, the swab results came back confirming what we already pretty much knew – it was pseudomonas. The same bug that caused all the problems in January, and that caused the sepsis when she […]

Things that suck.


Do you know what sucks? Dodgy ears suck. Dodgy immune systems suck. Being eight years old and missing the last week of school with your friends sucks. And most of all, trying to fit a hospital admission in amongst all the craziness of Christmas sucks. But dodgy ears and dodgy immune systems have little regard […]

Full Circle


A year ago this week, I wrote about feeling overwhelmed. What I didn’t say then was just how bad things were. We hadn’t paid our December rent. We didn’t have the money. Paying monthly was fine when I was working full time and getting paid monthly, but with Willie being paid monthly and bills coming […]



This isn’t the post I had planned for today. I was going to share some pics of the girls in their Christmas concert at school. But then this afternoon we had the most glorious storm, and even though it was still 30 degrees, the girls all put on their jackets and ran out into the […]

Christmas shopping – the organised (lazy) way


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with* So it’s December. That means it’s nearly Christmas, although if the radio stations, the shopping malls and my children are anything to go by, it’s been ‘nearly Christmas’ for a whole month already. Most years, I am the least-organised Christmas person in the world. I distinctly remember […]

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.


In the wake of what happened yesterday, I’ve been humbled by the support we’ve been shown. One of Mercedes’ best friends has offered to stick by her so she’s not on her own, an act which showed more humility and maturity than many of the adults who were present. I’m also sad that a number […]