Sucking it up


I’ve always been a pretty independent kind of person. I like being in control, and I like calling the shots. I hate needing to rely on other people. But this past couple of weeks, I haven’t really had a choice. Lying in hospital last week, I didn’t have control of anything. I didn’t have control of […]

One hell of a wake up call


It’s been a hell of a few days. This year is not turning out quite as planned. Those of you who’ve been around a while will know that I’ve been having problems with my gallbladder for months and that I’ve been on a waiting list to have it removed. Over the last few weeks, it’s […]

Showing off


My girls all love to do backyard gymnastics. Maya did lessons until we moved from New Zealand when she was 7, but other than that she’s had no formal training. That doesn’t stop her putting in a mighty good effort though, and I don’t know whether it’s a result of all the stretching and jumping […]

{Giveaway} Win one of two pairs of Bobux Xplorer shoes!


In 2015, Bobux are introducing an innovative new shoe to their range, the Xplorer. Designed especially for children who are learning to walk – sometimes walking, sometimes crawling – the Xplorer shoe, which recently won Bobux a coveted UK design award, will be launching worldwide in February 2015. To celebrate, I’ve got two pairs to […]

A conversation about death.


My brother-in-law died on Friday. It wasn’t sudden, he’d been sick for a while, but it sucks nonetheless. So I had to tell the girls. In my mind, this kind of thing always seemed like something you’d need to plan. Like, we’d call a family meeting and we’d all sit down, and then I’d tell […]

No Deborah Hutton, addiction is NOT a disability…


So I spotted this post on Facebook page the other day. It appeared on TV personality Deborah Hutton’s public page, but it purports to have been written by someone named ‘Cynthia’… Appearance activist and fellow blogger Carly Findlay had seen it and had shared it on her Tune into Radio Carly Facebook page. She’s incensed, and judging […]

Road Trip


One of the conditions of Mercedes being discharged from hospital (just) in time for Christmas was that we would bring her back ten days later for a post-op check. I pointed out to the doctors that we’d be away at Nelson Bay on the date they’d specified, but they were uncompromising. ‘It’s important,’ they said. […]