Our Very Own Great Outdoors


**This is a sponsored post for Australian Outdoor Living in collaboration with Digital Parents Collective** I love our house. My sister chose it for us – we’d initially planned to stay with Mum and Dad for a few weeks after we arrived from New Zealand while we found a place to rent, but she’d been [...]

Share your happy moments to win $5000!


*In collaboration with Alpha Keri* We’re big Alpha Keri fans in our house. Maya suffers from terrible eczema, last year it got so bad that she ended up in hospital being slathered in lotions and potions and wrapped in wet dressings. When it gets that bad, steroids are pretty much the only option, but once we [...]

Making Time for the Small Things


Like most families, we have a little bedtime routine going on. Dinner, bath, medicine, stories and bed. And like most kids, my girls have masters degrees in bedtime procrastination. Most nights by bedtime I’m tired and cranky and short on patience. I just want them to go to bed so I can steal five minutes peace, [...]

Random Happiness


I was going to post some different pics today, and I was going to post them much earlier. But after spending two hours trying to figure out why my Wifi was running so slow only to discover that hey, it’s not me, it’s Telstra (I know, surprising right?), I decided I needed some cheering up. [...]

An Epic Weekend


This weekend has been beyond insane. So much so that all five girls were in bed tonight by 6.15pm… With Mercedes no better on Friday, we touched base with the paediatrician who suggested a change of antibiotics. So we sorted a new script, and made a plan to take her in for a review on Monday [...]

Sick again.


When you’re living with primary immune deficiency, you learn very quickly never to plan anything too far ahead. Because one minute you’re sitting in the sun watching your kid run in the school athletics carnival, and the next minute it’s 11pm and she’s standing over your bed saying ‘I don’t feel well’. So instead of [...]