I must confess…

I must confess that I will never be as brave as my daughter. I spent one night and two days in hospital last week (well, half a night – I discharged myself against medical advice with a promise to come back in the morning so I could come home and check on the girls), and if I’ve taken nothing else away from the experience, it’s that being sick is terrifying. Being sick is terrifying and my seven-year old deals with being sick on a daily basis with more grace than I could muster for just two lousy days. The kid is brave.

Of course, brave doesn’t mean fearless. It’s hard for Mercedes to conquer her hospital-related phobias when the nature of her health issues means such frequent appointments and admissions, so one of the primary goals of the therapy she’s doing to help her manage anxiety is to build resilience. Instead of focusing on the things that make her scared, or the negative behaviours that result from her anxiety, the aim is to bolster her confidence by reminding her of all the things that make her awesome.

She’s been struggling a little more than usual since ‘that day’ in January, so finding her inner awesome has been a little more challenging than usual, so I decided to create a little visual reminder for her. You’ve probably noticed that I take lots of photos when she’s in hospital. This might seem counter-intuitive – after all, who wants to be reminded of being sick or frightened?! But these pictures tell a very important story – the story of how brave Mercedes is, how even though she is scared, she is strong…

My Home Truths

Linking up with Kirsty at My Home Truths for ‘I must confess…’ She’s been ill herself this past week so pop on over and send her a virtual hug…

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  1. says

    Oh man my heart ached a little seeing ALL that she has been through, what a hard time for her and you. She really must be such a brave girl, but it’s hard being strong all the time, for both of you. xx

  2. kirstyrussell75 says

    Mercedes is so incredibly brave, as are you Emma. The video and your past posts tell a story of a brave and determined family trying to do all you can to look after your precious girls. I hope the therapies being used to help her with her anxiety start helping her calm down. I know the extra stress that layer of worry puts over everything else. You are a rock Emma, never underestimate your own strength and courage in holding it all together. BTW – are you looking after yourself???

  3. says

    Oh Emma the more I read about you and your family, the more I just think you are all the most beautiful, gorgeous people! You do have a very brave daughter, but you too are actually far more brave than you give yourself credit for. Hope you are feeling ok xxx

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