National Netball Day

At the first game of this netball season, I had a sideline row with an Association official when she told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos of my girls as they played. I won – they subsequently went away and did some research and discovered that I was right, they can’t actually restrict people from taking photos in a public area – but it wasn’t exactly a graceful concession. How ironic then that this weekend for National Netball Day, they were actually encouraging people to take photos and post them to social media using the #nationalnetballday hashtag!


{up at the crack of dawn – marshalling at 7.30am for an 8am whistle}


{getting in some practice before the game}


{National Netball Day was also ‘Crazy Sock and Hair Day’}

{I’m not entirely sure what was up with this little mid-game chat!}


{Victorious – the gremlins’ team remains unbeaten, they won this game 19-2}

NOTE: I took around 150 photos across the two games, but here I’ve been careful to only share ones in which no other children are identifiable as while I’m happy to post pictures of my girls, I’m mindful that some people prefer not to share their children’s photos online.

My Little Drummer Boys

{getting Wordless this Wednesday with Trish and her Little Drummer Boys}

A Most Excellent Day
The Sleep Doctor


    • Emma Fahy Davis says

      Here they can start the year they turn 7, so Sienna and Sades were 6.5, Maya started at 7 in NZ. They love it!

    • Emma Fahy Davis says

      Yeah, nah. 7.30on a Saturday morning is criminal. The only bright side is that by some miracle Maya and the gremlins drew slots with an hour between them so I have time to run from the senior courts after Maya’s game to the junior courts for the gremlins game as parking at both is a mission!

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