Birth photography was really starting to become a ‘thing’ when I was pregnant with Rosie, and having seen some absolutely incredible birth images, I really wanted to have a photographer at her birth. But I also wanted to fly one of my best friends (who also happens to be a doula) over from New Zealand to support me during the labour, and since Willie wasn’t keen at all on being at the birth and we couldn’t afford both a photographer AND a doula, I figured the money was better spent on having my friend by my side. I don’t regret it, her presence was invaluable, and it turns out she was also pretty handy with a camera. I gave her my DLSR set on Auto before things kicked off, and here’s how it played out…


{birth-15min} Proof that I really did sleep in between contractions


{birth+30 seconds} My baby girl in my arms


{birth+3min} Completely oblivious to the midwives running their emergency post-partum haemorrhage procedures


{Birth+5min} Covered in vernix, peaceful and perfect


{birth+30min} Skin-to-skin


{birth+1hr15m} Neema arrives just as the baby checks begin


{birth+1hr30min} Not tiny, but not exactly the macrosomic giant the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors were sure I was having!


{birth+6hrs} Snuggled up on the ward, all five of my babies together earthside

My Little Drummer Boys

{getting Wordless this Wednesday with Trish and her Little Drummer Boys}

A Dinosaur Tea Party


    • Emma Fahy Davis says

      I’ve seen some great c-section shots, I reckon anaesthetists must get pretty good at taking pics as it seems to be just about part of their job description!

  1. says

    I don’t have any birth photos of my three. It all happened too quickly (under 3 hours) with first and the second 4 weeks premmie and under 30 minutes. My third and last was 10 weeks premmie and I was in a bad way in ICU so photos weren’t really an option.

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    • Emma Fahy Davis says

      Nope, no GD – the MFM doc was initially convinced that the polyhydramnios must have been caused by GD but I tested my blood sugars three times a day for a month and never recorded a single high result so they had to abandon that theory. In the end they labelled it ‘idiopathic’ which pretty much means ‘we have no effing idea’. I always said she’d be an 8lber, Maya was 9lb, the gremlins were 6lb and 7lb and Chiara was 7lb so I said I needed an 8lber to fill in the gap ;)

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